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Tools & Tuning

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Base repair-stick for base damage. Just light it and drip the repair material onto the base.
Replacement sandpaper for synthetic combi cork (T0011) #120. 3 pcs.
Medium coarse Fibertex. Silicon carbide abrasive. Orange. 3 Pads. 110 mm x 150 mm. To refresh and open the ski base. Takes away hardened oxidized layer on bases that has not been treated with wax for some time. Also used to remove abraded polyethylene micro fibers left from skiing or snowboarding on abrasive snow. Finish with White Fibertex (T0266).
Extra-fine Fibertex. Flint abrasive particles. White. Pack of three sandpapers 110 x 150 mm. Used on new skis and newly-structured skis to remove the smallest polyethylene microfibers. Polishes the base completely smooth and even. Also used as a final finish after using Grey Fibertex (T0264N) or Violet Fibertex (T0266N). - Nylon pad with abrasive particles - Removes microhairs from the base - For all ski waxers - Gentle and effective
Attach the Fibertex to an oval or rectangular brush. Move the brush back and forth on the surface of the base. When the gray lining is gone, you’re done. For removing microhairs we recommend approx. 50 brush strokes back and forth. - Pack of three sandpapers 110 x 150 mm - Aluminum oxide abrasive particles
For wet and moist new snow. Works also on wet transformed snow down to 0°C (32°F). Apply thicker if very wet.
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